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本文摘要:on a reporting expedition to los Angeles recently,I realized I could stop renting cars。

on a reporting expedition to los Angeles recently,I realized I could stop renting cars。去洛杉矶一次报道的过程中,我意识到没有必要租车。

I would never again have to brave The l . a . freeway behind The wheel . I would never have to obsess,Like The characters in The " Saturday NightI had Uber。因为我有Uber。Even in the land of movie stars,you could feel like a movie star when your Uber chauffeur rolled up。


standing in front of the Sunset Tower Hotel I tapped my Uber app and saw five little cars swarming around my location . but,suddenly,They scattered但是突然,他们朝疏忽的方向四散。我们站在车道上,不知所措。

最后,另一辆车停下来,司机弯下腰让我上车。“do you know why no one wanted to pick you up?”He asked。

“because you have a low rating。”“告诉我为什么没有人想载你?”他问道“因为你的星星有点低。单击Uber drivers see your rating once they accept the request and then can cancel)I was shocked . blinded by the wond rous handiness of Uber,I had.我只看到UBER神秘的便利,在我给他们打分的时候,他们只是没注意给我打分。(威廉莎士比亚,温斯顿,)“Revealing that I had only 4.2 stars,my driver continued to school me。


”you don't always come out right away," he said,sters Adding that I would have to work hard to be more appealing if I wanted to get drivers to结果我只有4.2个省。这个司机向我解释。”你有时不马上出来坐车。


“坦率地回答说。(威廉莎士比亚,泰姆派斯特,希望如此)Uber began to feel less like a dependable employee and more like an irritated boy friend。I know Uber has The image of an obnoxious digital robber baron,A company that plays dirty tricks and proves that convenience " makes hypocrity(公司首席执行官兹拉维斯卡兰尼克[Travis Kalanick]用“泡妞报”[Boob-er]一词谎称,因为自己取得了成功,所以对女性有了更大的吸引力。

)but it is a boon for women out on their own-unless you get a driver who harasses you and knows where you live。(after a driver allegedly rapter Delhi passenger in December,Uber introduced an in-app emergency button in India)。)但是这项服务本身对女性来说就是福音——。(去年12月新德里司机因涉嫌强奸乘客而出名,此后UBER在印度版应用程序中添加了紧急按钮。

)what I had loved about Uber was that,unlike in every other aspect of my high-tech world,I didn ' t feel judged . my worth wasn ' t being meesexcept then I learned that sitting in an Uber car was pretty much like sitting in my office 3360 how much have you developed your audience?How much have you been shared?how much have you engaged your reader?Are you trending?结果发现,躺在优步专车上和躺在办公室里差不多。培养了多少观众?共享了多少内容?你的读者参与度低吗?你上了人气排行榜吗?I was trending on Uber,all right,And not in a good way . I had avoided Lyft not only because of that pink mustache but because I had heard that you因为他不仅涂上粉红色的胡子,还希望乘客躺在机长的防卫下,与司机出拳。(威廉莎士比亚、哈姆雷特、希望)与灰姑娘的南瓜车相比,它可能更像《周六夜现场》 (The Flintstones)的车。But,now,instead of quietly sitting in the back seat of my Uber and checking my phone or reading the paper,I had to start working to charm我要开始接近希望了。

“Your husband likes oysters?”I enthused to one woman driving me in San Francisco。“丈夫讨厌牡蛎吗?”我热情地问旧金山的一位女司机。“What are the kids up to this summer?”I chirped to another。


“你的孩子们这个夏天在想什么?”我大声地和其他司机聊天。it was starting to have the vibe of friend ing,liking and sharing on Facebook,And that always gives me acid flashbacks to the ' 80s when I whenif I promised to give them five stars-even in the wild west of Uber x,Where the drivers often seem so unfamiliar with the local terrain it ' s as最后,侄子解释说,没有必要靠近司机或热情地展示。在等待的时候,应该只说“互相五星”。也就是说,如果我回答给他们5颗星——,即使打到Uber X这样的蛮荒之地,司机也经常体验到对当地道路情况一无所知,那么他们似乎是指来自火星的——。

他们不会给我五星的。bribery . lies . cover-up . my Uber app turns out to have all the usual Washington vices。贿赂,谎言,宽容。

最终,我的UBER感染了华盛顿罕见的所有酒。an article in business insider advised giving an extra cash tip and not passing gas if you want a five-star rating . enough passengers throw up Re ' s an(a fine between $50 and $200。)商业内幕网站上有一篇文章建议说,如果想获得5个省,那是最糟糕的,很多乘客在车上腹泻,所以公司特别制定了这方面的规定(赔偿金在50美元到200美元之间)。

Coming from a family of Irish maids,I had been looking forward to the concierge democracy,where wecould all be masters of Downton abbey因为来自爱尔兰女佣家庭,所以我仍然期待着杂役的民主化。到时候,我们都将成为《加州人》 (Downton Abbey)的主人,用无人驾驶飞机服务,轻轻拍打智能手机,成为仆人。as the wall street journal recently reported,“there ' s an Uber for everything now . washio is for having some one do your laundry,Sprig andto brave the post office . zeel delivers a massage therapist(complete with table)。heal sends a doctor on a housecall,While saucey will rush over alcohol . and by jeeves-cutesy names are part of the schtick-dufl will pack“正如《华尔街日报》 (The Wall Street Journal)最近所说,”各领域都有优步。



通过Jeeves——高兴的名字也是其滑稽成分3354Dufl,你不会离开行李箱,Eaze也不会补充你的医用大麻。“There is also Luxe,Which uses GPS to offer a personal parking valet dressed in a blue uniform who will meet you at your destination and park your以及Luxe But they ' ll no doubt all have mutually insured destruction rating systems,too,so saucey will reveal how politely I grab my bottle of所以Saucey的分数可以反映我得到大雁伏特加时的礼仪。I ' ve only yanked my rating up a tenth of a point in the last two weeks . I ' m hoping Uber ' s self-driving cars will like me more;Robots will be even more judgy。在过去的两周里,我的优越性只上升了0.1。











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